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There are also some irrefutable certainties in music. When you talk about the irresistible old-fashioned soul/blues man, singer-songwriter & guitarist & Blues Music Awards winner & producer/arranger, you end up with the now almost seventies “Ace of Spades”, “the Spadille” Johnny Rawls.

Once upon a time, the term “soul blues” —the well-known mix of R&B, spiced with some gospel — was coined to describe Rawls's music. Influenced by the soul of the 60s and after working with O. V. Wright (1939-1980), James Carr (1942-2001) and Z. Z. Hill (1935-1984), Rawls has remained the modern soul man.

Rawls has released more than 20 studio albums and has been nominated for a Blues Music Award more than ten times in his career.

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